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4 07 2009

I’ve now moved to my own hosting at, (and have also moved the content) so won’t be posting here any more (I’ll this here for a while though).  I’ll still be writing about t-shirts from Redbubble,  myself and elsewhere, as well as keeping everything else under one less roof, so hit the subscribe link and join me over there… for t-shirts, software and design for t-shirts, software and design


Worst case Scenarios – Landing a 747

29 09 2008

I love that people actually write things like this guide on how to land a 747.

One of my faviourite books is the ‘Worst Case Scenario Handbook’, where you’ll find how to safely jump from a moving car, wrestle a croccodile and all manner of other stuff.  The illustrations are also pretty cool.  You can find most of this online now, and buy the book.

Great books for Top Gear Fans

14 07 2008

These are great stocking fillers for the bloke who loves BBC Top Gear.  The show’s transcended the traditional ‘magazine’ programme and is now a fantastic vehicle (pun intended) for Clarkson, Hammond and May’s ‘last of the summer wine -style’ comedy antics.

My Dad Had One of Those

My Dad Had One of Those

Dont Stop Me Now

Don't Stop Me Now

This isn’t England

2 07 2008

Coming from the place, I never realised how maps over the ages ‘big up’ their own country.  The UK size and shape particularly differs quite a bit…